Homemade Teeth Whitening for Everyone

homemade teeth whitening imageWelcome to my homemade teeth whitening page where I will outline the procedures and products needed to obtain a bright white smile. This system is a proven system that will lead to healthier and whiter teeth in the matter of a few weeks. Please feel free to browse around at my suggested products, dental recommendations, and even reviews my my local dentists. My main goal of this site is to share with you a proven system that hopefully you will enjoy and share with your friends. Also, please note that on the right side of this site you will see a newletter sign up. We will be sending out parts of our home regime free to those who sign up, as well as free products, tips and tricks, and more.

The Discovery of My Homemade Teeth Whitening Regimen:

How did I discover this?  While in school many years ago I encountered many personal dental problems related to a disease process known as gingivitis. It was a result of my own poor oral “home care” as explained to me by a team comprised of a very competent dental hygienist and dentist. Among the many important components of my daily oral home care that was missing was flossing. It was through this insight  I came to realize how important flossing is to not only prevent gum and tooth disease, but also to achieve real, long lasting, and safe homemade teeth whitening. Properly done, flossing dislodges the food and subsequent bacteria from between the gum and the tooth that causes dental disease and discolors the enamel of the teeth.  Brushing alone cannot get to the critical part between the gum and the tooth; dental flossing is required.

Once my teeth and gums became healthy I started to further explore many methods for making and keeping my teeth whiter. It was through a long series of attempts at homemade teeth whitening; experimenting with many products including whitening strips, bleaches, and rinses.

Now after years of trial and error, trying dozens of products, I have developed a reliable and practical regimen of homemade teeth whitening which includes essential but inexpensive and easy to find products.  My regimen of homemade teeth whitening has given my teeth a long lasting whiter hue that is even acknowledged by my own dentist and hygienist as brighter than and whiter than any laser treatment or bleaching process they can achieve! As a matter of fact during each dental visit they ask me, “are you sure you did not go someplace and get your teeth treated?  How do you get them so white?”  Not only that, but the dentist I visit including the hygienists at the office also acknowledge my homemade teeth whitening regimen is safe and healthy for my teeth.

And get this: In experimenting with at least a dozen different strategies, I denied myself red wine that I love, attempted to drink hot coffee through a straw (which is ridiculous, especially if you love coffee), and avoided Coca Cola, another favorite. In addition .I tried all types of whitening strips and overnight gels with molded plastic in my mouth; and they all made my teeth overly sensitive.  None of that is necessary!  I eat and drink whatever I want. and my teeth are whiter than ever with my homemade teeth whitening regimen.!

For a step by step guide to my homemade teeth whitening system, please click the link above in the menu or go directly there by this link.